© 2020 Johanna Seelemann
© 2019 Johanna Seelemann

2020-2021 GRANT PROGRAMME FOR TALENT DEVELOPMENT, Recipient, Creative Industries Fund NL
2020-2021 Workshop, teaching, Studio for Immediate Spaces, Sandberg Instituut
2020 teaching, Progress course, MA Design Explorations and Translations, Iceland Academy of the arts
2020 teaching, Rendezvouz: Designing Resilience course, BA Product design, Iceland Academy of the arts

2020 Zu Tisch, Vögele Kulturzentrum, Zürich: Banana Story
2019 GEO—DESIGN: Junk, Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven: Fractional Object
2019 Food: Bigger Than The Plate, Victoria & Albert Museum, London: Banana Story
2019 Grad Show 2019, Design Academy Eindhoven: Terra Incognita 
2019 Marianne Brandt Contest, I am all of Glass, Industriemuseum Chemnitz: Vitrum
2019 Bismút, Design March Iceland, Reykjavík: Banana Story
2019 Neuni Materio, Design Shanghai: Willow Project
2018 The Magic Box, semi-permanent exhibition, M/S Museet for Søfart, Helsingør: Banana Story
2018 Skógarnytjar, by Björn Steinar Blumenstein, Design March Iceland, Reykjavík: Design contribution
2017 Element, curated by Garðar Eyjólfsson, Alcoa aluminium smelter, Reyðarfjörður: Cargo
2017 Earth Matters, curated by Lidewij Edelkoort and Philip Fimmano, Textiel Museum, Tilburg: Willow Project
2017 Design March Iceland, Reykjavík: Cargo
2016 Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven: Willow Project
2016 Skriðuklaustur, Egilsstaðir: Willow Project
2016 Design March Iceland, Reykjavík: Willow Project
2016 Design March Iceland, Reykjavík: Sulfur Archive
2016 Stockholm Design Week, Stockholm: Sulfur Archive
2015 Iceland Academy of the Arts, Reykjavík: Willow Project
2015 Lunga Festival, Seyðisfjördur: Circular Gifts Workshop
2014 Burg Giebichenstein, Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven: Materials and Making at the Burg

2019 Serious Aesthetics, The Arena, Grad Show 2019, Design Academy Eindhoven
2018 Guest at Halfway Points, Thursday Night Life, Garden Broadcasts, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam
2018 Cargo, Design Talks, Design March Iceland, Reykjavík
2017 Cargo, Antenna, curated by Design Indaba, Dutch Design Week and World Design Event, Eindhoven

2019 New Talents Graduating From The Design Academy Make Their Mark, Elle Decor: Terra Incognita 
2019 Finding a New Use for Car Modeling Clay: Adaptable Furniture, Core77: Terra Incognita
2019 “FOOD: Bigger than the Plate” leaves you wanting more, The Economist: Banana Story
2019 Elle Decor: Banana Story
2019 Visir og Fréttablaðið: Banana Story
2019 Waste Lines, The Times Literary Supplement: Banana Story
2019 HA Magazine: Banana Story
2019 100 Talents of 2019, Icon Design Magazine, Mondadori and New York Times: Banana Story
2018 Why Materials Matter, Prestel Publishing, Seetal Solanki: Willow Project
2018 Radical Matter, Thames & Hudson, (ed.) Kate Franklin / Caroline Till: Willow Project
2018 Banana passport explores issues surrounding food exportation, Dezeen: Banana Story 
2018 art4d: Banana Passport
2018 Cargo, interview with Design Indaba
2016 Willow Project, published in Frame #111
2016 Willow Project, published on Dezeen
2016 Sulphur Archive, published on Dezeen
2016 Willow Project Book, published by Partus Press

2018 Distilling Waste, Revising Wood, writing for DAMN° Magazine No.68
2018 No Strange Fruit, writing for DAMN° Magazine Online

2019-2020 Freelance works, Cambio by Studio Formafantasma, Amsterdam
2019 Freelance filmworks, Ore Streams by Studio Formafantasma, Amsterdam
2019 Freelance filmworks, Family Campaign for Filling Pieces, Amsterdam
2019 Conflicted Matter, workshop with Garðar Eyjólfsson, Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design, Halle
2017 Assistant for Formafantasma, Ore Streams project, Amsterdam
2016-2017 Internship at Studio Formafantasma, Amsterdam
2016 Work for Bui Bjarmar Aðalsteinsson, designers investigating local food systems, Icelandic Research Fund
2016 Organization team, Travelling Embassy of Rockall, collective of desirable futures, hosting events, Reykjavík
2015-2016 Assistant for Garðar Eyjólfsson, head of visual communication, material research, prototyping, Reykjavík
2015 Contextual Design internship with Garðar Eyjólfsson and  Thomas Pausz, Reykjavík
2014 Carpentry internship at Joël Pinard, Cognac
2013 Internship at Smow Furniture Store, Leipzig
2011 Internship in Carpentry and Design at Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau, Dresden

2017-2019 Master Studies of Contextual Design at the Design Academy Eindhoven
2015-2016 Studies of Product Design at the Iceland Academy of the Arts, Reykjavík
2015 Erasmus at the Iceland Academy of the Arts, Reykjavík
2012-2014 Studies of Industrial Design at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design, Halle
2011-2012 Studies of Interior Architecture at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design, Halle