© 2020 Johanna Seelemann
© 2019 Johanna Seelemann

x Daniele Misso

Vitrum is a study about possible transformations related to the production of float glass. Over time, glass has been either highly engineered or directed by hand. The majority of glass produced today finds itself as flat sheets in the building and automotive sector, employed for its functional and technical characteristics. However, its expressive potential stays rarely explored.

The outcome gives voice to the material itself as the matter organically expands. Exposing it to a set of repeatable processes, its appearance cannot be fully controlled. The studies include flat sheets and molded shapes with references to standard applications: windows, automotive glass, and bottles.

We designed ways of seeing the material and explored its tactile presence which opens up to alternative applications, imagining multifaceted mass-production.

Concept, Design, Development:
Daniele Misso and Johanna Seelemann

Development, Production:
Rasmus Leseberg

Year: Since 2018

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