There was something really strange about this picture. Has there been a time travel in both directions, where it’s possible to make a sculpture which then magically transforms into a product? I thought that a car was the most difficult thing to design in terms of complexity, impossible to be tackled with clay, but seeing this, really made an impression. It looked like anything could just be solved by making a sculpture. And of course I didn’t have a car but I knew how to drive and my father knew how to drive and everybody else had a car and I inherited the idea that everybody needs a car. And car models were changing frequently like the life span of insects. I could roughly distinguish different car brands by their shape but after all I knew nothing about the design process. There I was, fascinated by this clay model and I got interested in the history of the profession of the car designer. And the question that drove it was: How does the designer know when to stop?
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Terra Incognita (this one is going to evolve really soon)

Terra Incognita explores industrial modeling clay as a narrator for an ongoing transformation of product aesthetics. And with it, the inherent political side of car design in Germany, caused by societal and economic dependencies. While stylistic obsolescence finds itself a driving motor for object evolution and corporate power, it tells the story of the human hand in the generation of mass-products, industrial craftsmanship that relies on the age-old art of sculpture. Terra Incognita proposes to use the durable yet adaptable properties of industrial plasticine to stage a product that’s ever in transit.

Johanna Seelemann
Design, Development:
Johanna Seelemann and Daniel Rauch

Anthology, Written Contributions:
Nils Wiberg, Markus Caspers, Patty Brennan,
Adriana Pacheco, Judith Faßbender,
Anonymous, Johanna Seelemann

Anthology, Editorial:
Johanna Seelemann
Graphic Design:
Johanna Seelemann, Adriana Pacheco

Master of Contextual Design, 2019
Design Academy Eindhoven