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© 2019 Johanna Seelemann

Banana Story
x Björn Steinar Blumenstein

Banana Story is a collection of alternative made-in labels for the world's most popular fruit. Supermarket shelves lined with banana bunches - anywhere in the world - can largely be traced back to a system that practically enables our modern lifestyle, cargo shipping on a grand scale. A spotless fruit peel and a sticker, however, do not communicate the complexity of the encounters from over 12.534 km from Ecuador to Iceland. A journey, halfway over the globe, is lost in the bananas’ new magical scenery: the supermarket. Any evidence of the 33 people that handled it along the way remains hidden.

The investigation started off, confronted with huge amounts of food waste in Iceland. Situated in harsh climatic conditions, local fruit and vegetable production takes a great effort. Icelandic supermarket dumpsters full of immaculate fruits, are therefore a strange paradox.

The Banana Passport and a Banana Made-In Label for a standardized Cavendish banana raise a call to embrace the complex back story of an object that is easily taken for granted.

Concept, Design:
Björn Steinar Blumenstein and Johanna Seelemann

Made-In Label Illustration:
Magnús Ingvar Ágústsson

Client: Banana Made-In Label for
the Victoria & Albert Museum London

Year: Ongoing since 2016

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