There was something really strange about this picture. Has there been a time travel in both directions, where it’s possible to make a sculpture which then magically transforms into a product? I thought that a car was the most difficult thing to design in terms of complexity, impossible to be tackled with clay, but seeing this, really made an impression. It looked like anything could just be solved by making a sculpture. There I was, fascinated by this clay model and I got interested in the history of the profession of the car designer. And the question that drove it was: How does the designer know when to stop?
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Energy has a materiality to it. Brown coal, which states one fourth of the German energy mix, is the mother of manifold transformations.

The natural resource is about 65 million years old. Distilled into pitch and tar, serving as a polishing agent or as wood preservative, brown coal processing entails several products. As montan wax it is used as food additive in surface treatment of citrus fruits, lubricant in the rubber industry, shoe and floor polish, while during GDR- times it made the base material for candles and the Trabant. For the most part lignite is being burned and converted into electricity. The use of this fossil material has triggered various conflicts between personal need and common good, but ever since contributed as major player in the progress and prosperity of the countr

Like a royal silver chamber it is held as the national treasure that will be used and transformed in critical times. Yet compared to royal silverware, it cannot be reappropriated after once used.

Concept: Johanna Seelemann
Year: 2015, 2019